Can't search a yum repository using yum.release in the REST API

Hi everyone,
I’m using Nexus 3.38.1 to host some yum repositories. I’m trying to do some search queries using the rest API, and I need to query the yum.release attribute.

The issue is that I can’t get it to work :slight_smile:

If i do:
curl “https://repo/nexus/service/rest/v1/search/assets?repository=MyRepo&name=PkgName&yum.release=8e7d727.el7” --user “toto:titi”
I get no answer, while the release is correct.

Quite funnily, if I put the yum.release first, it finds the package… even if I put a wrong release:
curl “https://repo/nexus/service/rest/v1/search/assets?yum.release=TITI.el7&repository=MyRepo&name=PkgName” --user “toto:titi”

I’ve also tried to search using yum.architecture, and in this case, the REST API behavior is coherent: the package is returned only if I put the correct arch.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for your help