Cargo format support for Nexus RM

Sonatype currently is not supporting cargo format. We have the plugin in kar. Is there a way to install the plugin to Nexus RM?

You could try storing the kar in a raw repository but I wouldn’t expect that to work with cargo. If I understand how cargo works it’s built on top of git.

The repository includes instructions - GitHub - sonatype-nexus-community/nexus-repository-cargo: Nexus Repository Cargo Format

I wouldn’t recommend that plugin unless it gets picked up for maintenance again. Would really like something supported by Sonatype. The JGit plugin being used is quite behind the latest and between overriding final methods and not overriding abstract methods, it’d require someone with decent Java experience to get working. As it is, I’m not confident that the changes I made to get the plugin building (google Supplier.ofInstance couldn’t resolve with any <T> so I replaced it with a lambda ()->foo. I don’t know whether the right behavior is to return the instance one time and then throw an exception or to copy said resource so that the same thing is served multiple times. Hoping someone on the team can try it out this week to see if it works or crashes.

According to the google docs ofInstance() always supplies the given instance, which should make what I did correct but with it being an InputStream, does it want the stream to begin at the same point each time?