Changes in helm files not getting updated in repo

We use nexus repository manager for hosting our helm repos. Once a helm repo is added, if we delete that repo and add the same repo with changes in files , the changes are not reflected in the repo. Only after we change the name in chart and upload again are the changes getting reflected.

Anyone ran into this issue before?

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Do you have ‘disable redeploy’ turned on? …which is a good idea :wink: Are you trying to re-publish a chart by the same name/version?

What we are trying is delete the old repo from nexus UI and then uploading the new ones with changes. So Unless we change the name of the chart , the changes are not reflected

have you tried ‘allowing redeploy’? I’m just curious if that has an effect as it might suggest the artifacts are still in the blobstore.

Yes we tried that but that didn’t solve

I have same issue that the new helm chart is not reflected in the helm repo on nexus, initially I thought it’s the issue in nexus , however later on I found that I was wrong, the issue is on the other side,
the argocd (it retrieves helm chart from nexus)I’m using is cached the old helm chart from nexus , I have to refresh the helm chart on argocd instead. hope it can help other people.