Choose Proxy Settings for a Repo


in the new IQ Version you can set, that the Policie Actions can be overriden.
Also the Proxy Stage actions can be overriden. But how make it an effect?

Is it possible to set (for example for npm), that an developer can configure his .npmrc, that the proxy settings will be used from a specific organization and not from the root repo?

This would help us a lot!

Hi Marcus,

As I understand you are looking to do policy action overrides for the ‘Proxy’ stage. The reason you want to do that is - so you can selectively allow components in specific repositories.
Right now, you cannot apply policy action overrides for repositories. However, this is something we are considering for the future and I would suggest you create an idea for the same in our ideas portal here. I would also want to understand your specific use case more.

Mandeep Singh
PM Nexus Firewall