CI Server Script

How do I use it?

CI Server

Automated setup for CI server to use with java projects.

Software that can be set up:

Setting up

Software is set up via Ansible.Copy or modify example playbook to set up your server. Provide an inventory file for the playbook. Provision environment using Ansible.



Domains are used by gateway to proxy requests to services. Variables to set up domains:

  • jenkins_domain for jenkins;
  • nexus_domain for nexus;
  • sonar_domain for sonar;

Service ports

It is possible to customize network ports for services by setting:

  • jenins_port for jenkins;
  • nexus_port for nexus;
  • sonar_port for sonar;

Service versions

Service versions can be changes by setting variables:

  • jenkins_version ;
  • nexus_version ;
  • sonar_version ;

Those settings can be customized when including role. If, for example, you want to run jenkins on 8888 port on domain create playbook like that:

roles - { role: gateway, jenkins_domain: “” } - { role: jenkins, jenkins_port: 8888 } - nexus

Evaluate locally

The Vagrantfile is included to populate your server locally. It is advised to evaluate installation using vagrant before provisioning servers.The example.yml playbook populates local environment. Vagrant launches machine in private network using address. By default gateway is set up to resolve and domains to respective services.You may use dnsmasq to set up local development domain to test installation.



Sonar is installed together with MySQL database.

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