Clean artefact - nexus 3

I wrote a python script to clean artefacts, but I don’t see the free space disque increase.

   response = requests.delete(url, auth=(username, password))

Why ?

I can’t comment on the behaviour of your script, but typically after using the builtin cleanup policies in Sonatype Nexus Repository you need to schedule a task called ‘Admin - Compact blob store’. This can be found in Server administration & configuration > System > Tasks.

The cleanup policies mark the artefacts for deletion but are not removed from disk, the compact blob store will actually remove them.

Is there any reason you have opted to not use the builtin cleanup policies?

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I write scripts because I currently use the oss version and my criteria are too complex for oss version
I hope to use the enterprise version next year.

Thanks a lot
You solve my question

If your script is deleting assets you either need to wait for, or manually the Compact Blob Store task.