Cleanup deleted repositories


As par of our housekeeping activities, I have recently removed several repositories from Nexus (maven proxy). However, I have noticed that they are still around and consuming space. From the query I ran, I can see that the repos have been marked for deletion:

I already ran “Compact blob store”, unfortunately, it does not seem to make any difference.

Is there a way to clean-up this space?

Thank you!

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I’m having the very same issue. Is there any way to remove repositories that are marked as “pending deletion”?

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Generally speaking there is a task that runs periodically in the background - nexus-public/ at master · sonatype/nexus-public · GitHub

If its not running the quartz trigger is probably broken. You could (while nexus is stopped) connect to the database and remove that task which Nexus will re-create on startup.

Thank you @mpiggott for the information provided so far!

Can you please be a little bit more specific on the steps required to solve the issue? Can’t we do it via the WebUI?


I had some time and made a change to remove and recreate the task on startup which should be in 3.31 which I believe will fix the issue.


Looking forward for the upgrade.
Thank you!