Cleanup Disk

I have docker nexus 3 on my linux and my linux has 100GB,
recently my host got 100% disk space,and in nexus ui in blob storage, I can see blob storage is 80GB and all is full,
now, how can I delete and cleanup disk?
I want to see list of all images and delete each one i dont want, hoever i mentione when i click on tags or manifest of any folders in my any repository, the size show me 5k or less

Can anyone help me?

I’d suggest starting with running some tasks:

  • Docker - delete unused
  • Docker - delete incomplete uploads (usually this is automatic)
  • Compact BlobStore (usually automatic, but is in charge of freeing space from deleted blobs)

The docker format uses manifests which references digests which is why files appear small, you’d want to read official docker documentation for details.

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Sounds like … Blob usage ~140GB - #3 by rafal.kedziorski

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