Cleanup Policy Clarification


Posting this question here for clarification on The Cleanup policy and its effects.
It is to my understanding according to official docs: [1] that when applying a cleanup policy to a repository, the item should still be displayed in the frontend, however, marked as “deleted=true”.

We applied this policy to our NuGet-repository as an example with the preview result showing just one item for removal. The item seemed to have completely disappeared from the frontend UI when browsing through the repositories (however, when searching for the specific package name, the item showed up as a result.). After some regex magic through the millions of files in the backend, managed to obtain the related .properties for the item to restore it.

My question/clarification: is this by design? Is there any easier route we can follow to obtain/list the affected items marked by the cleanup policy instead of every time having to log in to the backend and join a search party to obtain the related .properties files for items marked deleted=true?

Thanks in advance
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Cleanup policies are for deleting content from repositories based on criteria.


Thanks for the response.
The criteria is being met and one item is flagged for cleanup which it did.

My question is mainly are we supposed to be able to see the item listed in the UI or not?
After running the cleanup policy its not available in browse, however I can search for it.


Justin, cleaned up items should be completely invisible from the UI or command-line clients. If the item is still showing up in search, it sounds like an event to update the search index wasn’t processed. Is this a widespread issue, or is there just an item or two still showing?

For NuGet you’re probably seeing components which aren’t locally cached