Cleanup Raw repository and keep last 3 files

I want to use nexus to store my ZIP files used for releases in GitLab.
I’m looking at how to set up cleanup policy.
My repositories will be RAW type.
here is an example of a file tree
| path1
| path2
| exe1_release_1_0_0_0.ZIP
| exe1_release_1_1_0_0.ZIP
| path3
| exe2_release_1_0_0_0.ZIP
| exe2_release_1_1_0_0.ZIP

How to define my cleanup policy to only keep the last 3 ZIPs of each exe ?

I answer to myself,
I understood that I had to enable scripting in Nexus in order to implement a Groovy script.
With the script, you can read a repository, sort and delete.