Combining Nexus

Hello, for some reason we have 2 installations of Nexus running for storing artifacts. The first is running 2.x.x and the second is running 3.x.x. I need to combine these into one single Nexus. Is there any documentation on how to migrate data from one installation to another? Ultimately, I would like to install the latest version from scratch, and migrate data from the existing two into a new one. Is there any documentation out there, regarding this?

One way could be that you could install a latest version from scratch, then create a proxy to your 2.x.x and 3.x.x.
Over time, you should get quite a bit of the packages into your new nexus repo.

Otherwise, you probably need to write some script to grab the packages, and upload to the new one? You can also search through the forum, there’s some discussion regarding migrating the data between repos.

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You can use these scripts to import artifacts from Nexus Repo 2 into 3:

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I will check these scripts out, thanks!

@Joseph , I was able to upgrade my 2.x repo to my brand new 3.x. Now I need to get the older 3.x repositories on the new nexus 3.x. We are running the open source version so don’t have access to exporting repositories. At this point I either can use the API or use the proxy as you suggested. If I was to use the proxy setup , how would this look? I currently have a proxy on the server now sending incoming traffic on 8081 to port 80. Would I add another block in the same proxy file or what? Any guidance would be helpful.


Hi @robert.williams,

I missed this, and hope that everything is working fine for you now.

Proxy in this case, is not about mapping the port.

Let’s say you have two instances of the nexus, 2.x and 3.x, and working on a javascript project (npm)

Your project should pointing to nexus 3.x now where your nexus 3.x should have a few repository setup.

  1. Private repository (if any)
  2. Proxy repository to your nexus 2.x group repository
  3. Proxy repository to official registry (npm, github, etc)

This way, you should be able to fetch from your 2.x to your 3.x and overwrite, should build up enough to retire your 2.x nexus