[Coming Soon] Changes to Root Organization Migration

Root organizations were introduced into IQ Server from v1.18 onwards, which included a feature that provided an opt-in migration so you could either select an empty Root Organization (no policies) or an existing organization from which to copy policies. However, we understand that many customers need more flexibility in organizational hierarchy to match their operational needs at scale.

In an upcoming IQ release, you will notice some changes to the functionality of the default Root Organization to meet these needs. This update includes the removal of the opt-in migration. Installations that have not yet migrated will automatically be migrated to a Root Organization with no policies defined.

If you have not yet migrated and wish to use policies from an existing organization at the Root Organization level it is recommended to do this prior to upgrading. If you need a refresher on configuring and viewing Root Organizations, read our documentation here.

If you have any questions, please respond to this post or reach out directly to your CSE.