Compact blob store task fails with "InvalidPathException: Nul character not allowed"

We are facing this problem scheduling the ‘Admin - compact blob store’ task.
We are under 3.37.3-02 Nexus version.
It fails at the start with this log file: java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Nul character not allowed: vol-15/chap-17/th$nexus-repository-docker-3dd2a6cf-1b08-46bc-b3e4-564df2d5842c-fe09adfa-051c-41de-a06b-f8c80e7455bbfpath$nexus-repository-docker-14427ef8-66aa-4bda-9ed6-a8f74e63ad73-1736af5e-1c4f-4e71-ab45-eb040cc9968ffpath$nexus-repository

The other tasks we have, execute correctly.
Is this a bug and do we have to upgrade?

Likely you have corruption in your database that you’ll need to resolve.