Copy Docker Images, RPM, Helm charts from one remote nexus to another nexus 3


I am trying to copy docker images, rpm and helm charts from one nexus to another nexus. Can anyone help me with this?

I tried Rest APIs to search and download artifacts but it seems to provide only metadata, not actual data.


Hello! Following up on your comment here to determine the problem you are trying to solve?


System Details :

  • One nexus instance - Running at a remote server

  • Another instance - Running on host server

  • Nexus Version - 3

Requirement :

How I can programmatically copy all the repos from remote nexus instance to host instance? I couldn’t find a way using REST API available in nexus
I would like to copy following :

  • RPMs

  • Docker (Important)

  • Helm

We do have a Pro feature that can do this, otherwise you’ll need to write your own tooling


Why don’t you simply backup server A and restore on server B? Unless you have tons of extra users and repos, this should do the trick after some cleanup.

Else you can easily go through each repo with the API and slurp/upload the contents using curl (or docker cli for images).

Lastly, depending on you exact requirement, you can also create proxy repos on server B (suitable for a local read only mirror/accelerator)