Creating Alerts from Log Entries

Using NRM 3. I’m wondering how I might create e-mail alerts or otherwise from entries in the Nexus logs. For example, when a URI that a proxy repository uses is blocked I’d like to notify the admins. If I knew where the log files were stored I might be able to use Splunk for this I’d imagine.

By default, you can see more about where logs are stored here: Directories.

I believe people who do log monitoring do essentially what you’re inferring, no idea on specific tool setup.

One caution to that strategy is that we do occasionally get complaints at logging WARNs where people are getting unnecessarily notified or notified frequently. This can cause some to turn down logging levels which maybe obviously can hide actual WARNs, especially when Sonatype is troubleshooting (and requesting logs). This may be a case of “can’t have your cake and eat it too” but worth being aware of and considering during your setup.