Curl HTTP/1.1 401 unauthorized

Good evening,
I am trying to download a file from my Nexus Manager via curl from a Linux machine running CentOS 8. Unfortunately I do not succeed. The authentication fails. The curl command I set up look like this:
curl -v -u user:passwd -O “https:///repository/<repository_id>/<group_id>/<artifact_id>//”
From a device with windows 10 have no problem to download via the above curl command.
On CentOS i use the curl version 7.61.1 and on windows the version number is 7.79.1.
If the different versions are not the cause, what else could it be on Linux that the download does not work?
The nexus server is behind a reverse proxy (Apache httpd) and I use the Nexus3 OSS Version 3.38.1.
Thank you very much in advance for the support.
Stephan Franke

We found the solution to our problem. The problem was with the way we sent the password to Nexus Server using curl. If the password contains special characters ($,@, …), these must be unmasked via \ (backslash).
Unmasking in our case ensures that the password is correctly passed to the Nexus server.