Customer Education Releases Deployment Models for Availability and Reliability

What business outcomes are you looking to achieve with your Nexus Repository deployments? If you have the desire to slowly adopt practices for better scalability, availability, and reliability check out our new guide: Deployment Models for Availability and Reliability in Nexus Repository 3

After reading it, you’ll learn:

  • how to distinguish disaster recovery and availability outcomes
  • about features in Nexus Repository to help you build deployments resistant to data loss
  • about sample frameworks that best suit your organization

“Deployment Models” encourages you to design your Nexus deployments incrementally. To help you meet those goals, we’ve provided diagrams that you can reference – from single-node to star-pattern architectures. Use them to test, scale, and ensure all systems can run with minimal downtime.

So, how do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. Think about this as you piece together your deployments, one node at a time. Of course, we encourage you to come back to learn more about best practices and recommendations for all Sonatype products. New announcements will be posted here, in our community.