Customer Education Releases Software Supply Chain Explained Guide

As a customer or potential customer of Sonatype’s Nexus platform, you may have heard references to software supply chain automation. Perhaps you know exactly what that means—maybe it’s even the reason you’ve decided to add one or more Nexus products to your own software supply chain.

But others may wonder, “What does that mean, exactly?” In our Software Supply Chain Explained Guide, we’ll tackle that question. After reading Software Supply Chain Explained, you will better understand:

  • What supply chain management means in the context of a traditional, manufacturing-centric organization
  • How supply chain management principles and processes can be applied to software development organizations
  • How different roles in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) fit into software supply chain management, and what their responsibilities are
  • How the Nexus platform fits into software supply chain management processes
  • Why software supply chain management matters

Happy Learning!
Sonatype Customer Education