DEBUG logs printed as ERROR?

Sorry, posted this here, to begin with. Happy to close, if thats the right thing to do.

we are using docker image sonatype/nexus3:3.37.3

going by the logs, looks like its printing some DEBUG like messages as ERROR. am i reading this right? if so, whats the fix? some additional config? higher version? or a genuine bug?

also while we are at it, looks like its printing the gets of / which are probes on our kubernetes deployment. is there an easy way to nog log these at source?

Likely you’ve set this property.

Thanks Matthew for the follow-up lead. I posted something related here. And to be precise, I dont see com.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.pool.debug also set in the referenced Dockerfile and script. I might be missing some piece in the puzzle.

May be a properties file? I searched for any properties file containing the word debug, and that did not help either. I get I dont have permissions to some folders, but then those should not have a properties file …

$ docker run --rm -ti sonatype/nexus3:3.37.3 bash
$ find / -name \*.properties -exec grep debug {} \;
find: './lost+found': Permission denied
 osgi.service;objectClass:List<String>=org.eclipse.osgi.service.debug.DebugOptions, \
org.apache.servicemix.specs.debug = false
org.apache.karaf.specs.debug = false
find: './var/lib/private': Permission denied
find: './var/lib/portables': Permission denied
find: './var/cache/ldconfig': Permission denied
find: './proc/tty/driver': Permission denied