Deletion of components via REST-API from a raw repository is very slow


Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and possibly a solution/explanation for it.

I have setup a raw repository and I use maven site deploy to upload a website to the repo.
Before deploying a new version of the site I use a groovy script to identify all components and then delete them by the component id.
The deletion takes up to 10 seconds for only one component! The files I delete are not very lage (<1MB).

I have no idea why this takes so long and no clue how to identify the problem.
I can exclude any network issues.

Which loggers do I have to change to see some more output?

Kind Regards,


The first thing to check would be to make sure you’ve met our system requirements in this installation:


The most requirements match. I have to check the java vm options and file system.
I’ll be back.