Deploy or make NXRM3 generate archetype-catalog.xml


I have a question how to deploy or make NXRM3 generate Maven’s archetype-catalog.xml.

I have my maven archetype projects and, the archetype-catalog.xml Maven Archetype Plugn generated is in $HOME/.ms/repository folder. I tried deploying the the archetype-catalog.xml using ‘mvn deploy’ command. The artifact-files were successfully deployed to my NXRM3 repository but archetype-catalog.xml wasn’t deployed and generated.

Could you tell me how to deploy or make NXRM3 generate archetype-catalog.xml.

I’ve read the below post. I believe I can’t apply the technique because the post was written for NXRM2.

I looked for related issues in StackOverflow. Some Answers said that if you build index of Maven Repository, archetype-catalog.xml will be generated. I tried rebuilding index in my maven repository in my NXRM3 and scheduling task (Maven - Publish Maven Indexer files) but archetype-catalog.xml wasn’t generated.

I have the same issue. How you fixed it? Thanks.

I found the solution. Hopes help for others.
You can use http to access archetype-catalog.xml address. For example,
The nexus will generate the archetype-catalog.xml for you.