Detecting repo updates

Is there a way (REST call) to check a Nexus repository for updates (e.g. new pom and war files)? That is, some call to list changes since the last time (which I need to remember of course) that I checked? If it returns what has changed that would be great, but simply true or false is good enough too.

There are ways to list the versions for a particular GA, but they won’t tell you what changed since the last time you checked unless you record it somewhere. The simplest thing to do is to retreive the maven-metadata.xml file from the artifact folder. The REST API can also be used.

But you might want to take a look at webhooks:

This would let an external listener know when changes have been made in repository.

Thank you for your reply and the hint to webhooks. maven-metadata.xml from the artifact folder will not help because I need to know if any artifact has changed; that is, if there have been changes anywhere in the repository.