Difference between blob storage on disk versus UI

I have a Nexus 3.29 instance with only one blob store (named default). A blob compaction was performed successfully. After this, the admin interface shows space used as 1225GB. However, on disk, the blob uses 1.6TB (measured using both “du -bs” and “du -hs”). I also looked up files with “deleted=true” set in the properties file. They only total about 750KB, likely created happened after the compaction finished.

How is the space used number calculated in the UI?

Its calculated by the size of the files, not the size on disk. Recall that file systems have overhead and use blocks.

Thanks Matthhew. To work around block size, I had tried “du -bs” for byte count and that returned 1.6TB as well. Anyway, this is a bit pointless I think. Setting up clean up policy for snapshots should help.