Disabling "God classes" comment

We’ve installed lift on our repo GitHub - INRIA/spoon: Spoon is a metaprogramming library to analyze and transform Java source code. is made with , and . It parses source files to build a well-designed AST with powerful analysis and transformation API.
Now we get comments about “God classes”.
We’re trying to disable those comments with

However, this does not work, the comment is still posted (*). (See add .lift.toml by monperrus · Pull Request #4928 · INRIA/spoon · GitHub)

How to fix this?


(*) 85 God Classes were detected by Lift in this project.

Hi Martin! I’ve also commented on your PR but will copy the same message here.

Lift works by running an analysis on both your source and target branches of your PR. This is probably a case where you need to have the .lift.toml config file present in both branches to get the expected results. If that doesn’t work I will dig in deeper. Thanks!

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Hi Martin, we’ve disabled results from refactor-first tool on github PRs, so the comment won’t be visible on PRs now. Let’s us know if you need any other help.

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