Disconnected CentOS 8 AppStream Nexus repo metadata error

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I have an NXRM server that is not connected to the internet. I host copies of the CentOS repos in it. All repos are hosted repos since you can’t upload to proxy repos, and this works fine for copies of the CentOS 7.x public repos. I download the RPMs with wget and upload to the offline repo with curl. Nexus builds the metadata catalog.

CentOS 8 (now Stream) is giving me a bit of trouble. While BaseOS works fine, the AppStream repo is not working. All the packages are in the repo and NXRM created the repodata metadata files *filelists.xml.gz, *other.xml.gz, and *primary.xml.gz.

However, when I do a dnf install <AppStream pkg or yum install <AppStream pkg>, I get the following error:

no available modular metadata for modular package ‘(pkg)’, it cannot be installed on the system

Not sure what the problem is, but I’ve read that AppStream is different now because of modules instead of just packages. Looking at the CentOS 8 AppStream repodata folder, I see many more metadata files and it looks like sqlite is being used instead of xml files.

My question is this: has anyone successfully created offline copies of the AppStream CentOS 8 repo (as a Nexus hosted repo), and if so, how?

EDIT: forgot to report versions:

  • started on 3.21, created repo, imported with curl, had error above
  • upgraded to 3.30.0-01, deleted old repo, created new one, imported with curl, still had error above
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Has anyone figured this out yet?

We host RHEL 8 repo’s offline. Packages are provided from an upstream hardening team. Currently the RHEL 8 stuff fails to install because of missing metadata.

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It also happens with AlmaLinux and RockyLinux

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Thank you all for taking the time to provide the feedback here. Much appreciated. My sincere apologies for taking this long to respond. This is something that is on our radar and we’ll raise it with the team for prioritization. Thank you.

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any update on this topic to support rocky linux?