Discrepancy in Nexus Repository Manager Images on catalog.redhat.com

Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered an issue regarding the container images for sonatype/nexus-repository-manager 2 on https://catalog.redhat.com/ 5 (redhat.io). The current version available is 3.43.0-ubi-1, whereas the expected version should be >= 3.52, as reflected on Dockerhub.

It seems that these images haven’t been updated for a considerable period. Could someone provide insights or clarification regarding this discrepancy? I was anticipating the availability of the latest version on the Red Hat [ https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/servers-storage/solutions/redhat/ ] catalog to be in sync with the version on Dockerhub.

Any information or guidance regarding the update status or steps to align the versions would be immensely helpful.

Thank you.

Do you have a link to what you’re looking at? When I look I see this image: Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog