Docker API calls using Proxy Repository creates 'list' tags become stale

Using a Docker Proxy Repository, a URL can be used to ‘see’ the contents of the upstream Docker Registry. For example:
This will return all the tags for ‘my/container’. The result will look like something like this:
Browsing to this URL causes Nexus store a tag named ‘list’ in the Proxy Registry.

Here is the problem. These ‘list’ objects do not update if you re-visit the URL at a later date. If new tags have been added to the upstream Container Registry, the URL will not return them. The Proxy Registry returns the original (cached) list.

Deleting the ‘list’ tag from the Proxy Repository fixes the problem. However, that is not a viable work around.

How can I make it so that the URL results reflect the up-to-date data from the upstream Registry?

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I’ve been battling that same problem for the past two year and this suggestion “Deleting the ‘list’ tag from the Proxy Repository”, is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a solution. All incident ticket in support get closed with out any real help.

Have you tried setting “metadata maximum age” to zero in the proxy’s configuration?

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I hadn’t but I’ll give that a go and see if it makes the difference