Docker Hub cache not working - Unkown blob error

I am trying the setup nexus as a docker cache.
having got it to work with ssl/https the repo populates with the requested pulls but the client fails with an unknown blob error!
[root@ci-test-vm ~]# docker pull alpine
Using default tag: latest
Trying to pull repository
sha256:69e70a79f2d41ab5d637de98c1e0b055206ba40a8145e7bddb55ccc04e13cf8f: Pulling from
540db60ca938: Pulling fs layer
error pulling image configuration: unknown blob
the repo is populuating the images
Index of /v2/library
Name Last Modified Size Description
Parent Directory
How do I fix this??

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Encountered the same issue.
I remember there was a bug in recent releases regarding cleanup policies.

Warning: Under some circumstances the Docker - Delete unused manifests and images scheduled task can cause data loss. We recommend disabling this task immediately. Learn more