Docker image scanning


I’m looking into adding support to Nexus for image scanning with e.g. Clair, but it looks like nexus-repository-docker is closed source.

According to the pom.xml in v3.18., its parent is nexuspro-plugins, so this sound about right. Are there plans to open source this module?

Alternatively, is there anything I can hook into to be notified when a new image is pulled?


I believe you should be able to use the AssetCreatedEvent (or the updated version) to listen for events - nexus-public/ at master · sonatype/nexus-public · GitHub

Fantastic - thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give that a go.

Last I heard we plan to open source all our formats. It’s just prioritizing against all the new features and bugs.
I think the ticket we have is internal, but I’ll denote your interest on it.