Docker Image Snapshot Deletion nukes whole docker repo

Hi there,

we are using nexus also as docker regsitry.

One Team pushed many many SNAPSHOT Docker Repos to this repo that are now filling up
unnecessarily a lot of disk space. So i tried to delete all of them manually.
But as i did while deleting one certain SNAPSHOT Image i got an 404 Error from nexus.
After a refresh all docker information to this repo was gone.
Probably all Docker Layers were still there but no tag information was available anymore.

So i recovered our nexus from backup and tried again on deletion of one certain docker image everything goes down the drain.

Are there some tools or scripts to check the health of nexus docker repos ?

I’m not sure what happened here… but it sounds like a bug report would be a good idea so we can investigate. Please open an issue in the ‘dev - nexus’ project at


thx, i opened an issue