Docker Images for Nexus instance

Using Nexus2-OSS
We have been using the traditional download tarball [1] per the download [2]/ install [3] instructions.

My colleague happened to notice there were Docker images available at: sonatype/nexus, but I see no mention of them in the Docs above.
I did see a link in the Community page, but it seems invalid:

Nexus Docker Image https:// registry(dot)hub(dot)docker(dot)com/u/conceptnotfound/sonatype-nexus/
Simple Docker image including Nexus Repository Manager OSS.

Wondering if up might update the Community link and provide a link to any relevant documentation?

Extra links from above (allowed only 2):
[1] (https:// help(dot)sonatype(dot)com/repomanager2/download/download-archives—repository-manager-oss)
[2] (https:// help(dot)sonatype(dot)com/repomanager2/installing-and-running/downloading)

[3] (https:// help(dot)sonatype(dot)com/repomanager2/installing-and-running/installing)