Docker (latest) images get corrupted

Hi Everybody!

I wonder if somebody has already stumbled upon this:

Some of the docker images published in the past into the nexus-3 repository, got corrupted and this looks spreading out.

The outcome is as follows:

docker pull //
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from /
e7c96db7181b: Already exists
f910a506b6cb: Already exists
c2274a1a0e27: Already exists
ccf7106c63c5: Pulling fs layer
e8327812ae46: Pulling fs layer
error pulling image configuration: unknown blob

The same latest tag image was correctly pulled out until some days ago.

Peering into Nexus GUI it is evident that the manifests/sha256 json corresponding to the referred tag (latest) is missing.

If I try to pull versions other than latest, everything works fine (in the nexus GUI all other versions have their counterpart manifest SHA256 json)

How can I prevent/fix/workaround it?
Nexus version: OSS 3.30.1-01

Thank you very much!


Hi everybody,

Looking into it looks evident we fall into it.

We are version 3.30.1-01

So, I guess the solution is to upgrade to - at least - 3.32.0.

Meanwhile we better disable the “Docker -Purge unused manifests and images” task

Yet the incriminated task is “Docker - Delete unused manifests and images”

I wonder whether Purge … has same damaging effects as Delete … or rather they are the same.

Does anybody know if they are the same or rather what are their difference?

Thank you very much for helping.