Docker login 401 Unauthorized


Hello ,

I am using nexus as a Docker container, with tag sonatype/nexus3:3.14.0. Also, I connect nexus with LDAP for user better user management it is helpful for group and role management.

For my case, I create a blog-store and create two docker registry repository, one hosted and one group. I try to log in, on hosted and it works fine. But when I tried to connect into the grouped repository I get
401 Unauthorized. I also tried to connect with admin credentials but I get the same error too,

Error response from daemon: login attempt to https:///v2/ failed with status: 401 Unauthorized.

Suggestions are welcome



You should check if your access control is set correctly. How do you set access control? Do you use content selectors?



I set up the LDAP correctly. When I am login into nexus UI I can see the grouped Docker registry repository. The problem is when I try to connet into it with docker login command. I get the
following error.

Error response from daemon: login attempt to https://myrepo:port/v2/ failed with status: 401 Unauthorized.

The same problem I am getting when I am try to connect with nexus-admin, which is very odd.