Docker Pull - Caused by: Broken pipe


During docker pull process image which size is more than 1GB, I have error in nexus.log:
2023-06-14 11:00:49,914+0200 WARN [qtp1792001268-500] - Error: PATCH /v2/repository/test/blobs/uploads/f9aca8b7-f9f5-4c4a-8572-34dda3114c15 BlobId: path$nexus-repository-docker/f9aca8b7-f9f5-4c4a-8572-34dda3114c15/c1db520b-7b4e-43c8-ba4c-25aab4507d94, Early EOF, Cause: Early EOF

2023-06-14 11:00:49,946+0200 WARN [qtp1792001268-500] - Failure servicing: PATCH /repository/test/blobs/uploads/f9aca8b7-f9f5-4c4a-8572-34dda3114c15 null

Caused by: Broken pipe

There is space on the Centos machine and there is no network connection cut.

Any idea about that ?

The error indicates the connection between the two systems was interrupted for some reason.

So the Nexus is on the VM (Linux machine) and docker pull from client windows machine.

Nexus website is working correctly through httpd proxy.