Docker pull fails without HTTP connector

Guys, using the docker image here and trying to configure a docker hub proxy registry using this guide Based on the guide I did not setup a HTTP connector but if I do not I cannot pull using docker from nexus and get 404 returned from nexus. if i setup a http connector it works! Why is this?

See here for an explanation:


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Thanks so much for the reply! I’m really confused here. So seems there is a conflict on the info coming from these Sonatype articles:

One says HTTP connector is needed and one that it isn’t :frowning: Also, if docker client does not support the use of a context then how come this works?

* List item docker pull

I’m new to docker and nexus (and DevOps!). Looking at the statement in the 1st link i posted:

“If you intend users to access the proxy repository directly, you may wish to configure a Repository Connector as explained in SSL and Repository Connector Configuration. This is not necessary for proxy content that is accessed via a Docker group.”

So in this context what does directly mean? Does this mean with the docker client as opposed to browsing the repo with a web browser ?

That isn’t a context path of “library”, the context path is still “/”. All docker registries run on context path “/”. You can access the repository on context path “/” via a connector port in the docker repository configuration. Or alternatively, you can set up a reverse proxy in front of Nexus Repo that maps “/” to the repository URL. In that case a connector port is not needed.

Darragh, the docker image you are using from Docker Hub is the older Nexus 2. You need Nexus 3 to run a docker hub proxy repository. It looks like you are trying to follow the Nexus 3 documentation, but you’ll need to pull the image for Nexus 3 which can be found at Docker Hub.

Apologies. Posted wrong link to Docker Hub. I am using the image with nexus version 3.19.1-01

Can anyone assist with this one?