Docker push not working with the error "file too large" after running the docker images cleanup tasks on Nexus repository Manager

We are using the OSS version OSS 3.25.1-04 of Nexus Repository manager and we recently cleanup the docker images by running the tasks “Docker - Delete unused manifests and images” and “Compact blob store” to reduce the storage utilization. After the cleanup we are now not able to push any docker images to nexus, we get 500 error on the docker push command and below is the error in the nexus log file.

WARN [qtp1458213834-276] new-test-upload - Error: POST /v2/test/test-app/blobs/uploads/ BlobId: path$nexus-repository-docker/369e4e38-324e-43f9-9478-c6ac03a70952/0, java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /opt/nexus-data-volume/nexus3/blobs/default/content/directpath/nexus-repository-docker/369e4e38-324e-43f9-9478-c6ac03a70952: File too large, Cause: /opt/nexus-data-volume/nexus3/blobs/default/content/directpath/nexus-repository-docker/369e4e38-324e-43f9-9478-c6ac03a70952: File too large

can you please help in this ?

Recommend you upgrade. 3.25 is over a year old, I suspect if that is a bug it is now fixed.

Upgrading is a good ideas… but also check your reverse proxy/load balancer logs. A file too large error is almost always due to a limit imposed in a reverse proxy.

Make sure that the filesystem backing your blobstore supports files of the size you’re uploading.