Docker registry podman anonymous push issue


I am running into an issue with a docker repo when utilizing anonymous pull. This seems to be specific when utilizing podman. I am able to pull successfully but when I go to push I see the admin user properly get authenticated in the request.log but when it goes to do the physical push of the image I get the following error:

Error: writing manifest: uploading manifest latest to $IMAGE_NAME: unauthorized: access to the requested resource is not authorized

I have been able to push this image when Anonymous pull is disabled. And I know the authentication I’m using is accurate.

I have been able to put together a workaround that is not the most secure approach in the world. I added the add/edit permissions for the repo to the anonymous role but is there any other known workarounds that are a better practice? I feel giving access the ability for everyone to be able to push directly to our nexus instances is not ideal.