Docker repository delete old files


I am using OSS 3.41.1-01 as docker repository installed on Unix-like server Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS server

My team have send every docker image that have been built everyday to the repo without removing the old one. the old docker image is only de-taged but not removed. now the repository is increase in size from 2 GB to 420 GB in three months

when I open BROWSE / Repo_Docker_Private I see that blobs is more than 8000

I know that bolbs is related to manifests. but I need a way to delte the old images or blobs inside the manifests.
I tried clean-up policy.
but this didn’t help at all with the size. I need a tidy way to remove the old images from nexus repo in the user interface.
Note: I can add crontab in ubuntu server to delte files older than 30 days, but I will have access problem because the link will still in blobs in docker repo in nexus this will report trasiktion problem.

Make sure you run the Docker GC task after clean-up.

How can I do that? Is it the same as compress blob task?