Dockerhub-proxy repo

Hi all,
I need to set up Dockerhub proxy repo in nexus , basic configurations are done from my end, but in my case we the nexus server running inside a docker container which is behind proxy servers .
our setup is>> haproxy >> traefik>>nginx>>nexus (nexus and nginx is one stack)

  1. first request will reach our loadbalancer(Haproxy)
  2. from haproxy it will go to Traefik
  3. from traefik the request will reach nginx from nginx it is going to nexus 8081 port
    in nexus container the both ports are open 8081 and 8082

if any one having the same setup please help me to configure docker-hub proxy repo and pull the image from hub

Thanks in advance

What does your docker pull command look like? Are the ports it uses exposed on the HA proxy and mapped through all the way to the Nexus docker registry?