Does a proxy-repository in nexus allows to upload data to the remote repo being proxied?


I am evaluating nexus3 repository manager in a restricted environment which has no direct internet access. My main goal is to prevent any data leak from the restricted environment to the outside while still allowing to install packages from in the restricted environment.

In case I allow access from the restricted environment to a nexus "pypi(proxy) " repository, can the users inside the restricted environment use the nexus pypi(proxy) to upload packages to using twine pointing to the nexus repo). Or does a nexus “pypi(proxy)” repo only allows to download packages but not to upload packages?

thanks in advance for your help

No, you cannot upload to upstream repository via NXRM proxy repository.
Yes, proxy repositories only allow downloads.

Your users, depending on permissions granted, would be able to upload content only to hosted repositories.

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Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. In this case nexus fits great for my use case.