Does Amazon Linux 2 support to package get installed through Nexus Yum Proxy repo

I am trying to create a Yum proxy repository in Nexus; however I could understand that it can work with Centos, RedHat and other Linux etc.
My primary requirement is install packages on “Amazon Linux 2” through Nexus Yum Proxy repository. I have been trying this a lot and not workins; so thought to raise a ticket to reach any conclusion.

Does Nexus Yum Proxy suport the Amazon Linux 2 to install packages??? We are trying to installl packages through Nexus Yum Proxy; however it is going directly to internet with some speciifc AWS region. But it should go via yum proxy ideally.

Kindly let me know; whether it is possible at all for Amazon Linux 2 image to get package installed from Nexus Yum proxy repository.

Anyone please help on this?

This sounds more like a question for AWS folks about changing your yum repo location to me

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

However i can see that we can see that support of Nexus yum proxy for Centos and RHEL available. So similar way; will it work with Amazon Linux 2 distributions???

I can also find some of the open ticket realted-

Could you please let us know that Nexus Yum proxy repo will work with Amazon Linux 2 like it works for CentOS and RHEL?

Hi Vikas,

Nexus Repository Manager supports Yum repo’s. So if the remote repo is following the YUM repository standards, things should work fine. Your RM Proxy Repo should be configured similar to…

Each Availably Zone in AWS will have a different URL for the YUM repo. You will need to contact AWS to confirm you have the correct URL for the Remote Storage setting.

Managing Amazon Linux Yum Updates

Nexus Repository Manager YUM documentation

Hope this all helps!


Thanks a lot for your reply.

However the same way we had tried then getting below error while installing any packages-
failure: repodata/repomd.xml from nexus_repo: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found

Nexus yum proxy configuration-

name=Nexus Repo

All the installing package have conflict while reinstalling and not able to connect nexus yum repo.
All the new installing package are coming through the Nexus Yum repo. If we disable the internet on the box then yum command failed to connect.