Does Rest api in nexus higher version accepts zip file other than maven artifacts - Urgent

Hi All

We have currently Nexus 2 and we have configured rest api url that only accepts maven artifact.

Wanted to check if nexus 3 also has same feature but we don’t want artifact to be maven format. Does there is rest api in higher nexus versions that accepts zip bundle or file other than maven. (Since we want to eleminate maven completely )

We have something like this:
Url is nexus/service/local/repositories - only accepts maven artifact in nexus 2. Wanted to check if rest api url in nexus higher versions can directly accepts zip file not maven.

Curl -H " content-type: application/json" -d @repo.json -u username password http://bar.t-dev.corp.****/nexus/service/local/repositories

In repo.json , format set is maven. Also this is in nexus 2. We have had to install maven and set settings.xml and pom.xml before setting in repo.json.

Please respond whoever knows about it.its a bit urgent


Hi Shreya,
Yes Nexus Repository 3 accepts various file formats to be upload via API, but depending on the repository type and its configuration it may restrict some file types from being accepted during upload. For storing any file types you can always use a Raw format.

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