Does the hosted type repository have a cache?

Hello everyone, I am using Nexus 3.37 version.

Currently, hosted and proxy-type repositories are used as groups.

If the library does not exist in hosted, the library is verified through its own proxy server, and if passed, the library is uploaded to hosted.

However, if the connection is forcibly disconnected during a request to the proxy server, there is an issue that Gradle cannot find even if the library file exists in hosted.

Under normal circumstances it works fine.

I attach a picture below as an example.

Personally, the reason why I feel like I’m caching it somewhere is that if I request it again in the same state the next day, it works normally. Is there anyone who can help? Please…

I can’t speak for Gradle but with Maven responses are cached for 24-hours remote updates can be triggered with -U, I would presume Gradle has a similar mechanism.

On rare occasions I’ve had corrupted jars stored in the local cache which required me to manually remove the file from the cache.

Thank you for answer. As you said, gradle also creates a caches folder as a .gradle/caches directory, just like maven. However, this does not seem to be the problem because I delete the caches directory every time I request a build.