Does the Nexus3 can manage user privileges in bulk?

Hello team!
I have a question.
My nexus version is OSS 3.37.3-02.
Does the nexus3 support manage user’s privileges by batch?
My nexus have been connect to Active Directory,and I can see the AD users in nexus.
By default ,my AD users have not any permissions,
I can add some roles to someone user,But I have thousands of AD users,that is a huge work.

How can I manage the permissions by batch? Is nexus support it?
And I want to create a default external role mapping,when the AD user login nexus3,external role mapping can assign permissions automatically.How to configure it?

Thank you !!!

There are REST APIs you could use.

Also you can use external role mapping to associate an LDAP role with one in Nexus.

All right,I will try it through API,Thanks for your reply!