Downloading Nexus on ubuntu


I am a newbie trying to get into the world of Devops. As part of my learning I have to download Nexus as one of the repo manager package.

I want to avoid the licensed product but would like to learn how I can download the free version on Ubuntu and get started.

Thank you so much

I would start with the documentation. See Installation and Upgrades.

Hi Jeff

There is not much about installation. It shows you how to run nexus from command line.

@sookkidsclothing – I see those instructions don’t tell you from where to download the distribution archive. Looking at the Dockerfile used to create the Nexus RM 3 docker image, you can see the distribution archive may be obtained from${NEXUS_VERSION}-unix.tar.gz. The current NEXUS_VERSION is 3.45.0-01 as of today.

Hi Jeff that link does not work. I also tried reinstalling again and I keep getting the same error. Perhaps I’ll remove the nexus user I created for the remote server to access nexus maybe the password authentication is failing somewhere??

> curl -v

The above returns a 302 with location header of

> curl --output nexus-3.45.0-01-unix.tar.gz

The above downloads the distribution archive.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much. Firstly i will remove everything and start a fresh download i will be poste.