Empty pom files at https://repo.osgeo.org/repository/release/

The pom files at Repository - Nexus Repository Manager are completely empty. For example, https://repo.osgeo.org/repository/release/org/springframework/boot/spring-boot-starter-parent/3.0.6/spring-boot-starter-parent-3.0.6.pom

@joao.andrade It would be unusual for Repository to send you an empty file if hadn’t been given an empty file. What I’d do is try to figure out how this file got into Repository. Did someone publish it here, or is it being proxied from another location? If so, is that other location sending you an empty file for some reason?

@mprescott what do you get when you access to https://repo.osgeo.org/repository/release/org/springframework/boot/spring-boot-starter-parent/3.0.6/spring-boot-starter-parent-3.0.6.pom ?

I see an empty file, same as you apparently.

Well apparently there are some ongoing updates. Can you confirm? Thanks in advance.

Hi Joao,

Nexus is actually a self-hosted application, you’d need to reach out to the administrators of the osgeo instance as Sonatype does not run it.

Thanks for the reply @mprescott. Apparently they solved the issue.