Encrypting Between Repos - Forward and Reverse Proxy - IIS


I have a few sites that I’m trying to use Nexus OSS to send packages over the wire. To encrypt my traffic, I am looking at having a reverse proxy (IIS ARR) and a forward proxy. I am currently trying to leverage IIS to encrypt (SSL) the data coming from Nexus and going over the wire. I have a reverse proxy setup, stating if you come enter a specific URL, it should route the request to my Nexus server over http (not https). I also have a forward proxy setup that Nexus OSS http proxy settings are point to, meaning if you go outbound to another nexus host, go through the proxy so IIS puts an HTTPS certificate on it. Long story short, I am trying to get Nexus to be encrypted when it leaves my network, but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly with IIS. Anyone here been successful getting this to work?