Endless waiting for upload several artifacts to Nexus3 from Jenkins



Hi everyone! When I try to upload several artifacts from Jenkins slave node with plugin (GitHub - jenkinsci/nexus-platform-plugin: Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins) to Nexus 3, I get endless waiting.
Uploading one artifact works.
Uploading several artifacts works on Jenkins master node.
Anybody has same problem?

Jenkins version: 2.164.1
Nexus Platform Plugin version: 3.5.20190313-114450.3bfee7f


Have you checked the request.log file to see if the upload requests are reaching Nexus? It sounds like they are not.



Thank you, rseddon. I’d checked the request.log and I didn’t see requests from my Jenkins slave node (I tried to run uploading on docker slave node, Mac node). I think it’s a bug of Jenkins plugin