Enforcing Standards for Deployment and Promotion with Rulesets using Nexus 3

We are using the paid version which no longer support Rulesets.

There is a still a requirement to validate the Maven Central Rules are honoured during development, but we are finding issues (pom/javadoc valdation failing the Maven Central rules) way too late in the pipeline.

What is the official way to test Maven Central Rules using Nexus 3?

This is a good question; let me move this over to the Central Repository topic and I’ll tap the relevant people here.

While it isn’t exactly a Nexus 3 integration, the Central team has quietly rolled out a new mechanism for publishing to Maven Central documented here:


You can publish via the UI or by using a Maven plugin, and the new process replicates all the rulesets that are currently enforced on OSSRH.

I am not sure I understand how this helps with validating the rules earlier in the lifecycle. We already learn about the rules being success/failure when going to Maven Central. By this time, the development is completed, and there has been no validation on flattened poms, maven sources, md5, etc.

Can we not test the rules that will gate a release earlier than waiting for the actual release?

A terrible alternative is to promote developer artifact into Central Staging, and then discard them, but it is very disjointed.