Error in log on Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerPRO 3.29.2-02

Hi guys , can someone please help us with this issue? We can’t find what is causing this errors, default Password is changed. we checked all scheduled tasks and didn’t found anything.

2023-02-17 13:06:02,364+0000 TRACE [periodic-8-thread-1] *SYSTEM - Unable to locate admin/admin123 user

Hi Aleksandar,
Good news! There’s nothing wrong with your Nexus Repository. Furthermore, you are a responsible user and you’re not using the default credentials - awesome! The log line you shared with us is not an error, it’s a TRACE log meaning it is used for very detailed debugging and it means that somebody must have changed default logger configuration and enabled trace logging. There’s nothing to be worried about, but please double check whether your logger configuration reflects your needs. Have a nice day.